How We Got Here

In 2004, after 18 years in full-time ministry, Paul and Suzanne Talley’s marriage was struck with a series of events that left them broken and seemingly headed for divorce. A decision was made to leave the ministry in an attempt to save what was left of their marriage. After several years of challenging individual and coupleship work, God restored their family. Couples who were aware of Paul and Suzanne’s astonishing journey began to privately seek them out for help with their own marital crisis.

This underground ministry grew to the point where it was obvious God was calling them back into full-time ministry. But this time, the ministry would be born out of the fruits of the hardship they had experienced first-hand. This was the beginning of Christian Marriages in Crisis (CMIC). Over 180 couples have walked with Paul and Suzanne. Out of those who have completed the entire program, only five have ended in divorce. Their passion is to see couples restored. If you would like to read their full story you can order their book, Restored, today!

Now God is opening new doors, using their individual giftings intermingled to expand their sphere of influence and revamp their ministry design. This new path is simply a clear reflection of all they have been offering mixed with their unique skills and new God-given passions and vision. This is Living180 Ministries!

Living180 offers

  • Individual Trauma Therapy

    • Emotional Aromatherapy

    • Sexual Compulsion/Addiction Freedom

  • Premarital Mentoring/Counseling

  • Business Mentoring and Conflict Resolution

  • Support for the Local Church

    • Developing Couple Crisis Support Groups

    • Mentoring/Coaching Support Group Leaders

    • Leading Marriage Conferences

    • Preaching/Teaching

    • Couples Workshops