Paul and Suzanne have been married since 1986 and have four grown children. Before leaving  mission work in Honduras, they adopted their youngest child. Now they are experiencing the joy of grandparenthood and loving every minute of it! They presently live with and are principle caregivers to Paul’s mother who is suffering through Alzheimer's.

During their 18 years dedicated to full-time ministry, they served in Honduras, Central America and Latin America and are thus fluent in Spanish. Six years went by before returning to the ministry, during which Paul and Suzanne focused on their marriage and themselves as individuals. They owned several businesses during that time, but God had other plans for their future. So, in 2010 they began walking with couples facing crisis in their marriage and fittingly named their ministry Christian Marriages in Crisis (CMIC). Nine years later, after many experiences and expansion, CMIC has transformed into something they never could have imagined. The name “CMIC” no longer accurately communicates all they do, and so, under their board’s thorough guidance and supervision, Living180 is born!

Paul talley

Paul’s ministry preparation started at Southeastern Bible College (SEBC) where he earned his BA and then eventually his MA from SEBC-Graduate school. Paul’s 18 years of service to the ministry began as a young pastor which strengthened his leadership skills and help prepare him before leaving the States for an amazing new beginning in missions. He served as Field Administrator and then Latin American Director, overseeing ministries and mission families across seven countries. His main passion during that time was rooted in training pastors. It was also during this time period that Paul and his co-worker and friend, Jorge Espinal, started the Mobile Bible Institute (MBI) in Honduras. The MBI is presently one of the foundations of various Bible institutes around the world.

After leaving ministry, Paul and Suzanne built their own business from the ground up. The economy’s crash in the early 2000’s took its toll on their business just like so many others. Paul then started a growing handyman service which he gave up when presented with the opportunity to buy a company he had helped start before his departure to the mission field. All of these endeavors were challenging and rewarding and met needs, but they weren’t the final destination. As mentioned above, couples were privately seeking guidance from Paul and Suzanne in their rocky marriages which led Paul to pursue a Pastoral Sexual Addiction Professional when it became obvious that the need for freedom from sexual addiction was very widespread. He has been asked to be a Supervisor of other PSAP’s (PSAP-S) through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). This is part of Paul’s current field of ministry in Living180.

Paul is a true southerner who loves college football and basketball and is even known to have three TV’s going on a Saturday to take it all in! He also enjoys fishing during his “be still” time and sometimes catches some big bass; his biggest being 8 plus pounds! One of his greatest joy is when he is called “Pops” by one of his grandchildren!

Suzanne Talley

After marrying Paul, Suzanne also studied at SEBC. Her studies were interrupted with a suprise pregnancy. Two more followed and Suzanne was blessed with three handsome boys. All three pregnancies were however very challenging and during her third pregnancy, it was recommended she not try for the daughter she always wanted. But God gave Suzanne her beautiful daughter in 1997 through the avenue of adoption.

Suzanne is an artsy spirit and her creativity shines in her love for painting, singing, leather working, and interior design. Her accomplishments include three recorded albums - one in English and two in Spanish - several sold pieces of artwork and her own former interior design business.

In 2010, Suzanne enrolled in Liberty University online to study Psychology. The need she began to see as she met more and more people who had lived through trauma moved her to this decision. She is currently in the process of seeking more certification in Emotional Trauma Therapy.

Although Suzanne loves to dream, design, write, paint and refurbish furniture, her greatest joy is found in being Grami!